Project Management Assistance - Project Management

C.P.I.A has been granted with the OPQIBI qualification OPQIBI for Project Management and Project Management Assistance contracts (n°0103)

C.P.I.A offers expertise in:

  • the elaboration of your project specifications
  • the feasibility study of your project, including economics considerations (construction economy)
  • the development of your project

By working with us, C.P.I.A will help you:

  • pre-select a suitable sites for your project
  • analyze their constraints (urban, topography, ...)
  • negociate with land owners, concessionaires, or collectivities

and ease the setup of your project.

C.P.I.A will guide you in choosing or suggest you the right architect to elaborate an attrative project and deal with administrative procedures (building permits, ICPE)

C.P.I.A guarantees the process and ensures its consistancy with your objectives, needs and imperatives.

C.P.I.A contributes to the efficiency of your purchases, and assess the vulnerabilities of the operation in the aim of covering against them.

C.P.I.A will assist you during the delivery procedures and ensure the work meets the requirements of acceptance reservations.

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