Renewable Energies Micro-projects

In France and abroad

CPIA Développement designs and develops ENR micro-projects:

  • Small wind projects (between 10 et 60 kw)
  • Small photovoltaic (up to 250 kW)
  • Small hydro (up to 100 kW)
  • Small bio-methane (up to 500 kg of organic material per day) to anticipate the new regulations in 2016 requiring restaurants to enhance their bio-waste

The selection criteria are based on:

  • Energy fields qualified by external agencies
  • Lands secured through deeds
  • Equipment obtained wether with a credit from the provider, or with financial guarantees of performance

The locations are determined using the best balance between the deposit and the conditions of resale or self-consumption. Privileged countries are:

  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Mexico

CPIA Développement opens its projects to third party investors, for a return of 7% minimum desired

Renewable energies and real estate in Avignon

The investor provides capital in cash and receives in exchange shares of the project company which holds two 60 kW wind turbines in Italy, and a building in Avignon, for an annual turnover 140 K €. The average ROE over 20 years is 7.37% for the investor with resale of the property after 20 years. CPIA Développement is remunerated on the dividends, on the services for setting up the project, on management costs by wind turbine, on rental management fees.

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